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We're empowering connection

We are on a mission to empower people everywhere to connect more effectively. We harness technology to create a place where simplicity meets impact.

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About - You bring the people

You bring the people. 
We build a place to connect.

Technology should enhance the human experience, not overshadow it. Our humane technology puts people first, making digital interactions personal and meaningful. 

We're fluent in the language of tech and coding so you don't have to be. Navigating the digital landscape can be overwhelming and that's why we built a platform that's not just user-friendly, but user-empowering. 

We prioritise eSafety to ensure that connections flourish within secure and protected spaces. 

The heart of our organisation is humane technology

We believe in technology that serves authentic connection in the spaces between face to face interaction. Utilising technology to create safe places for groups and organisations to manage content and people without the the noise, distractions or ads associated with social media and other platforms. 

We are Australian built and owned, with local support teams and our data is stored on servers in Sydney. Our mission is to be the simple, safe, and friendly tech solution you've been looking for. 


   Simplicity empowers

   Safe online spaces 

   Building community

   Technology with heart



Jono Callow

Jono's wealth of experience as a digital producer married with his experiences as a community leader and facilitator, founded the idea to develop an app that serves diverse communities and makes managing organisations simpler.

Jono is also founder of The Hub Digital Products which delivers storytelling and content creation solutions through video production, music production, composing, visual graphics, podcasts, digital books, live streaming, and apps. 


Allyssa Callow

With a background in education, non-profits, and community facilitation, Allyssa is passionate about developing authentic communities and prioritising privacy and eSafety.

Allyssa champions tools that empower users to create and share content that supports authentic connection and community growth. She advocates for humane technology that fosters wellbeing and empowerment.



Ryan Gaylard
Lead Developer

Ryan has over 20 years experience in software development. He's a Senior Software Developer at IYP Software in Victoria, Australia.

Ryan brings a unique combination of technical, design skills and knowledge, with an easy and dynamic user experience at the centre. Ryan develops solutions that have robust data and privacy settings, prioritise eSafety guidelines and align with Australian best practice and standards.


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