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Create and share powerful content

Explore how our intuitive features empower seamless content creation, connection, and growth

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The all-in-one platform for creators to share amazing content

Creating and sharing content is a breeze; bring in exisiting content or start from scratch. Easily share with your private, closed groups, edit, duplicate and re-share with new ones, and keep everything up to date.

Cloud-based storage empowers you to share, publish, or edit on the fly and your groups stay updated through push notifications. Our intuitive, searchable, and filterable Feeds ensure your groups have all upcoming information and events in the one place. 

All the tools you need to engage your community

Watch our demo to see how you can create captivating content and meaningful interactions.


Create content easily and share in a few clicks

All these elements in one space

 Video sharing   Chat
  Embed podcasts   Question and answer
  Audio files  Comments
  Images   Typeset articles
  Photo galleries   Events

Create and share directly from your pocket

Update on the go - if you've got your phone, you can manage your content and community

Choose how to deliver your message

  Add all your members to a closed, in-app group

 Create a personalised link to share via a website

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Features - group mgmt


Facilitate group engagement

Dedicated space
Bring your people together in a dedicated space for your members to engage with you and each other.

Empower group leaders
Enable specific members of your community to manage, publish to or moderate the groups you create.

Nested groups
Manage an expansive network of nested (sub) groups effortlessly using the organisation admin dashboard.

Full moderation
Tailored levels of control over content, groups and group roles. Get immediate notifications of new publications. Edit or delete as needed. 

A native app that works on any device

The Hub supports all major devices and can be installed by your user groups on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
This means it's easy to use, convenient for groups and more secure.

Features - Native app
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Privacy and safety are non-negotiable

Build a space where your community feels safe

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