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A native app that works on any device

The Hub supports all major devices and can be installed by your user groups on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
This means it's easy to use, convenient for groups and more secure.

Features - Native app
Why do I need to download the app?

The Hub supports all major devices and is built to run as native apps on these devices.

Native apps are faster, more reliable, easy to access, and safer. They benefit from accessing each device's full functions and features as well as providing a more secure platform.

Our native apps can be installed on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac (see the links above).
How large is the file to download?

We endeavour to keep the app size as small as possible to save on your data downloads. Here is a list of the installer file sizes:

Android - 19.8 MB

iOS - 57 MB

Mac - 173.1 MB

Windows - 81.2 MB

Will you keep updating the app?

We are constantly improving the platform and have a very efficient process of sending internal updates to the app, without you needing to go back to the app stores or website.

For example, in the last 12 months we have had only 2 app store updates, whilst pushing 79 internal updates - making it faster, easier, and all users are up to date automatically!

The app installer is asking if this is safe?

Our apps are signed and secured with extremely high levels of certification. Our servers are secure and you can confidently install the apps downloaded from this page via the links above.


What permissions does the app require?

On each device, the app will ask users for access to notifications, storage, photos and media, location, microphone, and camera functions. Users have full control to opt in or out however, the app will operate best with permission to use these functions.

Why can't I find my email invite?

Please check your email's junk folder for an invitation from sender: The Hub <>

The email invites are sent from signed and secure servers, and all efforts have been taken to avoid the emails being flagged as junk. However, it does depend on the email application and what settings users have in place, so sometimes invites can end up in a junk folder.

Finally, check with the group admin that they have the correct email address for your invite. Often a typo can creep in and then you definitely won't be receiving the email.

Why can't I see my group invitations?

To view pending invitations go to 'Settings' in the app and select 'Invitations'. The invitations screen is also shown when signing into the app if there are invitations pending, so they will be there for any new sign ups and you can also sign out and then in again to prompt a invitations check.

How do I input a group join code?

Press on the 'Groups' icon and then select the '+ Join' button located at the top left of the screen.

Then input the group's unique join code to join.

How do I create a group?

Creating groups is a paid feature. If your organisation has a subscription to The Hub platform, an Organisation Admin can create groups. Please contact us to setup an Organisation account.

How do I add users to my groups?

There are two ways to add users to groups:

1) Invites - Admin users of a group are able to invite members to the group via the teal '+' buttons. Invited users are notified via email and also push notifications if they already use the app.

Invitations are specific to the group role eg. Admin, Creator, or Member and can be declined or accepted by the invited user upon signing into the app or by going to the invitations screen under 'Settings'.

2) Join Code - Each group is assigned a unique join code which user can input to join the group.

Note: Contact us if you would like to invite many users at once. We can perform batch invites to save you time and can create custom email invitations with your branding and copy.